Hezues R’ wrote, produced and directed the critically acclaimed and highly controversial music video, April Showers. The once banned video features many themes of violence while providing a shocking solution. Featuring Wyclef Jean, Sedeck, Troy Ave, Fred the Godson, Uncle Murda, Grafh and Lil Cease.


Hezues R’ balances his talents in Advertising and Production, creating award-winning campaigns and producing iconic imagery.

Advertising experience and focus on high fashion, beauty, spirits and luxury goods.

Production music video, commercial, television, film

Spirits Experience

Hezues R’ has great experience within the Spirits Industry, responsible for some of the biggest campaigns for CIROC Ultra Premium Vodka and the Launch of DELEON Tequila.

Hezues R’ produced the Step Into the Circle national campaign, including the $2.4 Million TV Spot

The Launch of CIROC Pineapple, campaign produced by Hezues R’, reached 600 Million impressions in 6 weeks.

The Campaign Launch of DELEON Tequila was produced by Hezues R’. The largest brand position for Sean Combs amongst all companies in his portfolio.


Hezues R’ is a pioneering media entrepreneur with experience, insight and unique sensibilities in production, advertising and product development. Latin Nation referred to him as a “Latino Mogul in the making.” In 2014 Hezues R’ was Honored by the White House and President of the United States. He has also consulted to previous President’s Council on Financial Literacy. Hezues has an intuitive business sense, but his passion is in the arts and advertising.

Branding products and infiltrating niche markets are talents that have elevated Hezues’ professional status. Creating brands like Boadicea the Victorious have made him an Award-Winning creative and international success. A keynote speaker (Harvard, NYU, UCLA), head United States Delegate on the Inter-American Committee on culture and honorary of the Mayor of his hometown, who proclaimed October 25th “Hezues R’ Day.” Hezues R’ is an innovative creator of content and industry enterprises with a tenacious stride towards professional achievement.

September 15th 2008, The United Nations and Organization of American States selected Hezues R’ to represent the US to 34 countries in the Western Hemisphere.

2009 WALLPAPER awarded Boadicea the Victorious (created by Hezues R’) Best Perfume above No. 5 Eau premiere by Chanel and Kelly Caleche by Hermes.

2010 WALPOLE Nominated Boadicea the Victorious (created by Hezues R’) Best Emerging British Luxury Brand.

April 3rd 2014, Hezues R’ was honored by the White House, as he was nominated as a Champion of Change for his work.

The Launch of CIROC Pineapple, campaign produced by Hezues R’, reached 600 Million impressions in 6 weeks. All campaign creative was produced by Hezues R’, including TV, PRINT, DIGITAL, OOH, POS. From Bottle Shoots and Cocktail Strategy to Lifestyle and TV Commercials.

Whether it’s Sean P Diddy Combs, Russell Simmons or Mona Scott-Young, Hezues R’ is sought out by icons of industry for his creative talent, unique sensibility of consumer behavior and savvy marketing. From ideation and creative direction, to execution of content and strategy, Hezues R will deliver a dynamic and impactful campaign.



Hezues R’ produced the very popular “Dream Big” campaign for MACYS / SEAN JOHN featuring John Wall, Terrence J, Troy Ave, DJ Mustard and Andrew Jacobs.

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Honored by two (2) Presidents of The United States




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Award-Winning Creative Director

Hezues R’ created the award-winning brand Boadicea the Victorious for Michael Boadi, famously worn by First Lady Michelle Obama, Madonna and Kate Moss, with the following collection being the Official Fragrance of the Royal Wedding.

Educator / Hezues R Creative Class

Critically-Acclaimed Director

“I Elevate the Biggest Brands in the World”   - Hezues R